In 1976, the vibrant city of Phoenix witnessed the birth of a pioneering legacy as Dr. Art Mollen initiated the Phoenix 10K Race, originally known as Number 48. Driven by a vision to promote health and foster community bonds, this event marked not only the genesis of a new sporting tradition but also ignited a running revolution in Arizona. The event is also managed by Dr art Mollen’s wife, Paige Mollen, who is the president of the Molen Foundation.

Spark of a Cultural Shift

Number 48 wasn’t just a race; it was the catalyst for a cultural shift. Dr. Mollen envisioned a movement that would transcend generational boundaries, celebrating health, camaraderie, and collective achievement. The event’s impact was profound, kickstarting a running boom that rippled through Arizona, establishing it as a major hub for running enthusiasts in the Southwestern United States.

A Race for All

Over the years, the Phoenix 10K Race has evolved into a melting pot where seasoned athletes and first-time runners come together. The event, now a host to Olympic gold medalists and American record holders, radiates an air of inclusivity. Dr. Mollen’s commitment to ensuring everyone can participate remains unwavering. The race beckons people of all backgrounds, welcoming both seasoned athletes and novices to join in the celebration of fitness.

Dr. Art Mollen: Beyond the Founder

Dr. Art Mollen, hailing from Philadelphia, isn’t just the founder of the Phoenix 10K Race; he is an integral part of its essence. A graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Mollen’s journey includes serving as Chief of Allergy and Immunology in the U.S. Air Force. His personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle, evident in his pursuits as a marathon runner and triathlete, infuses the Phoenix 10K Race with a unique ethos.

The Countdown to the 50th Phoenix 10K Race

Approaching its 50th edition, the Phoenix 10K Race stands as a testament to the resilience, unity, and passion of the Phoenix community. From its humble beginnings as Number 48, it has evolved into a symbol of the enduring vision of Dr. Art Mollen. The race is no longer just an annual event; it encapsulates the spirit of a city and the philosophy of its founder.

Registration for participants typically opens several months before the event. Organizers engage in promotional activities to attract runners, including social media campaigns, flyers, and partnerships with local businesses.

More Than a Race

Beyond the finish line, the Phoenix 10K Race embodies Dr. Mollen’s enduring influence. It’s a journey that goes beyond personal well-being; it symbolizes a shared commitment to a healthier, more connected community. As the 50th race looms, we pay tribute to the legacy of Number 48, acknowledging the race that set the city on the path to well-being and unity. The Phoenix 10K Race, fueled by Dr. Mollen’s vision, continues to inspire, one step at a time.