Do you like to travel abroad? Then you probably already know how important it is to know a foreign language. It can enhance your experience, make you feel safer, and allow you to make new friends around the world. If you are wondering what language you should learn to make your journeys around the world better, read this article. 


Before we focus on other commonly spoken languages, let’s remind you that English is the most popular language in the world. Because of that, knowing it is a perfect skill for travelers. If you are reading this article, you are a native speaker or someone who can understand this language on a communicative level. Congrats! Please, while exploring the world, remember that not everyone speaks English, and put an effort into fruitful communication with others in other languages. 


Spanish is one of the best languages to learn for traveling because it’s the second most natively spoken language in the world. You can communicate with it in more than 20 countries in which Spanish articles are official

You should especially consider learning Spanish if you plan traveling through Central and South America. 

And hey! We have good news! Spanish is quite easy compared to other languages. Its vocabulary is mostly derived from Latin, so you might recognize some words quite easily. It also has straightforward grammar. 


French is considered a language of culture and love, but it would also be very handy to know while traveling the world. It’s spoken in a few countries in Western Europe, including of course, France, in Africa, and in parts of Canada. In total, French is an official language in 29 countries. 

When you know this language, you can better appreciate culture and art, as well as understand locals and their customs. By learning French, you can step up your game in other areas, such as business, education, and diplomacy. 


If your dream travel destinations are in North Africa or the Middle East, you should invest your time learning Arabic. Knowing Arabic can be useful not only while communicating with locals but also help you understand and appreciate the rich Arabic heritage, including music, art, and literature. 

As the Middle East’s importance in the global market is increasing, knowing Arabic can give you some extra job opportunities in the future. 


Mandarin is spoken by over 1.3 billion speakers. It is the second most spoken language after English, with the highest number of native speakers. It is an official language in China and Taiwan. If you are interested in discovering these regions, you should consider learning Mandarin. This skill will also give you a better understanding of Chinese culture and its customs, and make it easier to make friends with locals. 

You probably know that the meaning of China in the global market is consistently growing. Because of that, learning Chinese can help you to get a better chance in the global market, especially if you work in business or art.