Parents place a high value on baby monitors because they allow them to watch their kids even when they are unable to physically be there in the same room with them. A baby monitor is one of the most beneficial options available when it comes to ensuring the health and well-being of your infant. Where exactly should you attach the camera, though? The following are some of the important things that you should note regarding baby monitors.

Where You Should Place a Baby Camera

  • Corner of the Bedroom

When you position the camera in the room’s corner, you will get a comprehensive view of the whole space. This is ideal for the nursery where the infant sleeps.

  • On the Shelf

Placing the video camera on a shelf next to the infant’s bed may be the stealthiest alternative, so if you want to avoid drawing attention to itself, this is the location to look. You will be able to check on your infant without being obtrusive by using this method.

  • Above the Crib

Because a baby monitor lets you keep watch on your child even when they are sleeping, many parents choose to mount it over their child’s bed or bassinet. This is one of the most typical placements for a baby monitor. You may either place it on a wall or utilize a stand that sits on the floor. Make sure the camera is mounted securely and tuck any cables away out of sight.

Why You Shouldn’t Mount a Baby Monitor Inside a Crib and What Are the Dangers?

Because of the possible risk to the infant’s safety, a baby monitor should never be mounted on top of a crib or placed within the crib itself. When you put a baby monitor either on top of or inside a baby crib or bassinet, you run the danger of the following things happening:

  • Security Risk

Mounting the baby monitor on the crib presents a possible security issue since it makes it more difficult to have a clear view of the room. This might make it simpler for an unauthorized person to enter the room without being seen.

  • Monitor Might Fall

The baby monitor might fall off the crib if it is not fastened securely. If the baby monitor is not secured securely to the crib, it could fall off and potentially hurt your child.

  • Hazard of Distraction

Placing a baby monitor too near your baby’s head might be invasive and disturbing for your infant, making it hard for them to sleep in a calm and undisturbed state.

  • Entanglement Hazard

Mounting the monitor on the crib puts your child at risk of being entangled in the cables, which might result in serious damage or even death. This hazard can be avoided by not mounting the monitor on the crib.


Installing a baby monitor in an appropriate location is, at the end of the day, an essential step in ensuring that we can keep a close check on our young children. You may have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can easily check in on your infant at any moment by paying attention to all the concerns that are outlined in this article and selecting the appropriate location to mount it.

We hope that this post was informative and that you are now able to relax knowing that the positioning of your baby monitor is correct. Always placing our children’s safety first should be your top concern when it comes to their well-being.