Swarovski crystals are popular around the world, no doubt, because of their quality, brilliance, and dazzle. Whether you’re a jewellery maker, a fashion enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of these crystals, finding the best places to purchase Swarovski crystals is essential.

In this article, you will learn about some of the best places where you can buy Swarovski crystals, ensuring you get access to the finest and most authentic products.

Swarovski Online Store

The official Swarovski online store should be your go-to destination for purchasing genuine Swarovski crystals. Shopping from the official store not only guarantees the authenticity and quality of the goods but also offers a wide variety of crystals, including beads, pendants, rhinestones, and more. You can explore their extensive collection, conveniently browse through different categories, and find the perfect crystals for your projects or personal use.

Swarovski Outlets

Swarovski outlets are physical stores that market a vast collection of Swarovski products, mostly at discounted prices. Visiting a Swarovski outlet could be a great way to find Swarovski crystals at reduced costs while still enjoying the quality and beauty the brand is famous for.

One drawback to purchasing from these outlets, however, is that they may not have the latest Swarovski releases in store.

Authorised Distribution Partners

Swarovski has a network of authorised resellers who stock and sell genuine Swarovski crystals. These resellers are chosen with care by Swarovski and uphold the brand’s high standards. By purchasing from them, you can have confidence in the authenticity of the crystals you’re buying.

Some popular authorised resellers include well-established crystal or jewellery supply stores, both online and offline. Swarovski crystal beads in bulk are available from authorised distribution partners.

Speciality Bead and Craft Stores

Speciality bead and craft stores are dedicated to providing a wide range of beads, crystals, and jewellery-making supplies, making them excellent places to find Swarovski crystals in various shapes, sizes, and colours.

When shopping from speciality bead stores, it is best to go physically to allow yourself to see the crystals in person, feel their quality, and get guidance from knowledgeable staff.

Jewellery Wholesalers

Jewellery wholesalers are a fantastic choice if you need a large quantity of Swarovski crystals or want to purchase in bulk for commercial use. These wholesalers typically cater to large-scale jewellery designers, artisans, and businesses, implying that they hold large collections of Swarovski crystals and offer them at competitive prices.

Online Marketplaces

Swarovski crystals are sold on several online platforms, like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. These marketplaces typically have a vast selection of crystals listed by individual sellers and small businesses. When purchasing from a vendor on an online marketplace, one major way to ensure they sell genuine crystals is by reviewing their ratings and customer reviews. Only purchase from sellers with positive feedback and a reputation for selling authentic products.

Crystal Shows and Exhibitions

Crystal shows and exhibitions are events where crystal enthusiasts, collectors, and vendors gather to showcase and sell their products. These events often feature Swarovski crystals along with other crystal brands. Attending crystal shows allows you to explore a vast selection of crystals, interact with sellers, and discover unique and rare Swarovski pieces. These events may be held in various cities and countries, so watch out for upcoming shows in your area.

Tips for Shopping for Swarovski Crystals

If you’re looking to shop for high-quality and authentic Swarovski crystals, the following are tips to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to pricing. Swarovski crystals are highly-valued and more costly than many other crystals out there. Therefore, do not opt for crystals sold at ridiculously low prices, as it is highly likely that they are fake.
  • Before patronising any Swarovski crystal vendor, ensure that you carry out research to learn more about them and how they source their crystals. Some important things to look out for are:
    • If they are Swarovski authorised distribution partners
    • If they have a certificate of authenticity
    • If they have a grading system
    • How many star reviews are on their website
    • If they have a return policy
    • If they offer to ship to your location
  • When shopping online, read through the crystal descriptions provided by the vendor. Ensure that the details in the product description are consistent with the crystal type. You should also look out for pictures and videos of the product.


When purchasing Swarovski crystals, your first consideration should be their authenticity and quality. Therefore, you should only purchase from trusted sources, such as the ones outlined above.