Moissanite rings are a precious investment; proper care can prolong their beautiful sparkle. Regular at-home and professional cleaning sessions ensure your ring will stay dazzling for a lifetime.

You’ll need mild soap, a soft toothbrush, and warm water to clean your moissanite ring. Brush and scrub your ring, particularly in hard-to-reach areas like the prongs.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your moissanite engagement ringsclean is one of the best ways to protect and maintain its beauty. If you don’t clean your ring regularly, it can quickly become damaged or dulled.

Cleaning your ring is safe and easy, using the same ingredients you use for other items in your home: lukewarm water and mild soap. To start, take a bowl and fill it halfway with lukewarm water. Then, add the desired ingredient or substance. Then, gently immerse your ring and leave it to soak for 10 minutes. It allows the warm, soapy solution to loosen any oils or grime.

Once thoroughly cleaned, rinse your ring and pat it dry with a soft cloth (microfiber is preferred). Avoid using harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, household cleaners, eyeshadow, hairspray, and other similar products that can harm the metal in your jewelry. Also, don’t use an ultrasonic cleaner, which can cause the stones to dislodge from the ring setting.

Moissanite is very durable and resistant to stains, but if you wear it daily, it’s essential to clean it regularly to prevent dirt build-up. Removing your ring before engaging in activities that could be accidentally lost or damaged, such as laundry or gardening, is also a good idea. The harsh chemicals in common household cleaners and the heat from outdoor work can all damage or discolor your ring.

Store it Properly

Moissanite is incredibly durable, but keeping it stored is essential. If your ring is exposed to too much dirt, dust, or moisture, it can become dull and even damaged. That is why we recommend storing your ring in a safe or a similar jewelry box. Keep your ring separate from other jewelry, as this will help prevent scratches and damage.

Moissanite can be cleaned at home using a mild dish soap and a soft toothbrush. Warm water with a few drops of dish soap, and gently wash your ring with a brush or spoon. (being careful around the prongs). Clean your ring once a month at home, as cleaning it too frequently can harm your ring.

Moissanite is not a stone known to change color over time so that you can enjoy the same stunning beauty of your ring long after your wedding day. However, visiting your jeweler for regular professional inspections and services is still a good idea. Your jeweler will be able to spot minor issues before they become significant problems and polish your ring when necessary. It will ensure that your moissanite ring continues to sparkle and shine beautifully for a lifetime of love and happiness.

Keep it Dry

Moissanite is incredibly durable and can endure excellent wear and tear. It is important to take good care of it to preserve its beauty. It is essential to keep your ring dry so it does not collect oils from the hands or other substances that can affect its luster. Moissanite is also extremely sensitive to heat, so it should not be worn when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Moissanite rings can easily be cleaned at home using the same tools as other jewelry. A small amount of mild soap and warm water will get your ring sparkling clean again! Add a small amount of gentle liquid dish soap to a bowl of lukewarm water. Soak the ring briefly, then gently scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Make sure to get all areas of the ring, especially any crevices and prongs. Ensure to thoroughly rinse with warm water to remove any leftover soap residue.

A professional jeweler can also take your ring’s cleaning to the next level using a specialized jewelry cleaner specially designed for moissanite rings. They can also inspect and repair your ring’s setting, ensuring the precious gemstone is secure. They can also perform a deep clean on your ring, reaching places that at-home cleaning may miss.

Don’t Expose it to the Sun.

Moissanite is a gem that is very resistant to dirt, grime, and oil. However, over time, these substances can build up and dull the sparkle that makes your moissanite engagement ring unique. It is a common problem and can be easily corrected with regular cleaning.

The best method for cleaning your moissanite jewelry is to wash it at home using liquid dish soap, warm water, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. It is a relatively straightforward process that should be done at least once monthly to avert degradation and bacterial growth. When washing your ring, it is important not to scrub it too hard, as Moissanite can be scratched. Gold is a delicate metal that can be easily scratched or damaged if washed too hard.

After scrubbing your ring, rinse it under a stream of cool water to remove all traces of soap and other residues. Then, gently pat your moissanite ring dry with a clean, lint-free cloth or towel. Let the ring air-dry entirely before wearing it again to avoid water spots and unwanted marks or stains on your precious stone.

Removing your moissanite ring during strenuous exercise, such as weightlifting, playing sports, or swimming, is also a good idea. Your ring can be scratched or lost in these activities and become damp from sweat and bathing soaps.