Charger plates add visual appeal to a table setting and set the tone for an event. Whether at a luxury catered event, fine dining establishment, or informal dinner party, precise etiquette must be followed when using charger plates.

Discover various materials, lengths/diameters, and shapes to select the ideal plate for your decor, china, and personal preference. Explore a variety of colors to complement and contrast your dinnerware.


A ceramic charger plate is a decorative item that can enhance the aesthetic of a table setting. It is usually more significant than a dinner plate and can be made in various shapes. It has a unique surface that helps prevent table stains and scratches while retaining heat. This type of charger plate is often used in weddings and catered events to create a formal ambiance.

Aside from being a decorative piece, ceramic charger plates also function as an elegant base for each place setting at banquets and fine dining establishments. They are placed on the table before guests arrive and removed when it is time to serve dessert. Whether you plan to use them for your next dinner party or a formal event, you must know the proper etiquette.

Charger plates are famous for upscale restaurants, providing an elegant touch and highlighting the theme, centerpieces, and tableware. It’s easy to find the perfect design to complement the event’s theme with various colors available. However, you should be aware that some charger plates contain toxic substances if they come into contact with food. This is especially true for rattan charger plates, which can be covered in paints and coatings that are unsafe for food.


Generally used at luxury catered events, weddings, and fine dining establishments, glass charger plates are an elegant decorative table accent that ties together the dinner plate decor. These charger plates are also called service dinner plates because they are placed on the tables before guests are seated. This ensures that all visitors have the same dining experience throughout a multi-course meal. This practice is also essential for the overall etiquette of the dining experience since the chargers should only be taken away once all the food is served and consumed.

Clear glass beaded and textured patterns of charger plates are available to add elegance to your event. Alternatively, solid metallics and unique shapes help create an eye-catching centerpiece. For a more romantic event, try adding a floral arrangement or candle to the center of each charger plate to create a beautiful ambiance for your guests.

Charger plates can be paired with table linens, including tablecloths, placemats, and fabric overlays. However, it’s essential to consider the style of your plate ware and other table décor, as the charger plates should complement those styles to create a cohesive look for the dining room. Additionally, the material and color of your charger plates should coordinate with your theme. For example, wood or rattan chargers work well with beach-themed events, while china is perfect for more traditional celebrations.


While most event planners and caterers prefer to stick with traditional white or ivory charger plates, they aren’t limited to these classic options. These decorative underplates are also available in various solid and beaded colors and several unique shapes, including square and oval designs. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception or a catered corporate event, these plastic chargers can enhance the aesthetic of your tablescape and elevate your upscale dinnerware and utensils.

Also known as service plates or underplates, these chargers are a decorative addition to each place setting. They are typically larger than your main dinner plate and help prevent tables from looking bare at buffets and catered events. When planning your next event, it’s essential to understand the proper use and etiquette of charger plates. They should be dressed before guests arrive and removed along with the dinner plates once everyone has finished eating.

Whether you choose acrylic, glass, or plastic charger plates for your table settings, they can be an easy way to elevate your event ambiance and take your upscale place settings to the next level. These underplates can also be used as a canvas to add layers and color to your tablescapes with centerpieces, placemats, and even votive candles or flowers. Pair them with CV Linens’ coordinating napkins and utensils to effortlessly complement your theme and bring the entire tabletop together for an unforgettable event.


A metal charger plate has a sleek finish that complements any table setting. It is also durable and easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for a restaurant or catered event. Choose from a variety of colors, including black and silver. You can also find charger plates with unique borders and styles, such as an antique gold hammered finish or a scallop shell border.

While most restaurants use charger plates to elevate their centerpieces, they also serve multiple other purposes. They can catch food fragments and avert spillage that may stain or damage linens. They can also help keep plates and bowls warm for more extended periods.

The color and style of your charger plate will depend on your overall decor theme, such as rustic, boho-chic, or vintage. Consider whether you want to coordinate your charger plate with other plates, napkins, chairs, and tablecloths. Regardless of your selection, make sure the charger plate is larger than the dinner plates to prevent overlapping.

Explore the vast collection of charger plates to add the finishing touch to your place settings for any occasion. From classic white charger plates to ones adorned with festive stars inspired by the American flag to pressed glass chargers in seashell and basketweave designs, you’ll find the perfect fit for your menu and decor.