A table tennis racket is commonly known as a table tennis bat. Again, you can call it by various other names, too, like table tennis paddles and ping pong rackets. Table tennis players use these rackets. Commonly, table tennis rackets are created from laminated wood, and it remains covered with rubber based on the grip of the players. A table tennis racket is different from a conventional racket as it doesn’t include strings that remain strung across open frames.

Characteristics of a table tennis racket

The best table tennis racket should meet some technical specifications for being utilized in official competitions. Hence, players need to bring their rackets that meet this standard. And only then can they play with them. Some incredible features of table tennis rackets are:

  • Table tennis rackets are found in different shapes, sizes, and weights though the average size is 16.5 cm long and 15 cm wide. This dimension seems to be optimal for the majority of players.
  • The component that covers the blade shouldn’t go beyond the blade’s limits. And the handle of the table tennis racket can either remain exposed or covered.
  • The majority of table tennis rackets are created from natural wood, and they have flat, rigid, continuous, or uniform blades.
  • Before the game starts, table tennis players are required to show their rackets to the referees and their rivals. And if they wish to change their racket when the game continues, they have to do the same thing. They should comply with the rules and regulations.

Parts of a table tennis racket

A table tennis racket comprises several parts:

  • Blade – The blade comprises several layers of wood, and they are stacked together, and the blade encompasses the handle. Every table tennis blade comprises a flat paddle area with which players hit the ball. The type of blade varies based on a player’s style of playing. Some play with a defensive style, some with an all-around style, and still some with an attacking style.
  • Rubber– Rubber does the job of covering both sides of the table tennis racket. It is the outermost layer. The table tennis rubber should be red on one side and black on another side. This makes the job easier for an opposing player to determine the kind of spin his rival might place on the TT ball. However, rubbers differ in pimple style and thickness.
  • Handle– This is considered a vital portion of the blade. Players find handles in lots of types, and they differ by size, left/right orientation, and shape.
  • Glue– This is needed on the rubber, and various kinds of glue affect the ball’s speed. However, water-based glue is regarded as the ideal glue that is used for TT rackets.

Kinds of TT rackets

Some kinds of table tennis rackets are:

  • Customized– Advanced or professional players use customized rackets.
  • Pre-assembled or readymade rackets– These TT rackets are created in factories that can be used immediately.
  • Recreational rackets– Recreational TT rackets, too, can be used immediately.


When you select the best table tennis racket, you can show your potential. While choosing the racket, you have to keep in mind several things, like the kind of handle it has, the wood layers, the type of rubber that has been used, and your playing style.