Securing one’s future and ensuring that their assets and wishes are protected are matters of utmost importance. In Mascot, where median property prices range from $1,795,000 for houses to $860,000 for units, asset relocation after death becomes an essential facet so that the nominees can get their rightful share. This is where a wills and estates lawyer comes into play. These professionals play a role in helping people plan for the distribution of their assets and manage their affairs after they pass away. Delve into the key aspects of their role and why consulting with a wills and estates lawyer in Mascot is essential.

Understanding Wills and Estates Law

Before diving into the intricate responsibilities and intricacies of a wills and estates lawyer, it’s vital to fathom what this specialised area of law encompasses. Wills and estates law predominantly deals with methodically distributing a person’s tangible and intangible assets, properties, and accumulated wealth upon their eventual demise. Furthermore, it delves into proactive planning to proficiently manage one’s financial and personal affairs if one unexpectedly becomes incapacitated or mentally compromised.

Creating a Comprehensive Estate Plan

A nationally representative survey revealed that 60% of Australians – equivalent to 12 million people – do not have a will. One of the primary roles of a wills and estates lawyer is to draft a legally binding will that outlines how the individual’s assets should be distributed among beneficiaries. Without a valid will, the state’s laws may determine how assets are distributed evenly, which may not align with the individual’s wishes.

Moreover, estate planning goes beyond just creating a will. A skilled lawyer will also help clients establish trusts, designate beneficiaries for life insurance policies and retirement accounts, and provide guidance on minimising estate taxes.

Navigating the Probate Process

When a person passes away, they typically go through a legal process known as probate. Probate involves validating the will, identifying and appraising assets and debt settlements, and distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries. This process can be complex and time-consuming, but a wills and estates lawyer can guide the executor or administrator through it. They can help ensure that all necessary legal requirements are met, handle any disputes or challenges that may arise, and expedite the distribution of assets to beneficiaries. This expertise is invaluable in reducing the stress and complications accompanying the probate process.

Protecting Vulnerable Individuals

In addition to assisting with end-of-life planning, wills and estates lawyers also play a vital role in protecting vulnerable individuals. This includes helping clients establish powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives. These legal documents grant authority to trusted people to make financial and medical decisions on the client’s behalf if they become unable to do so themselves. This proactive approach safeguards the interests of those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Resolving Estate Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes over estates and inheritances can arise, causing emotional distress and strained relationships among family members. In such cases, a wills and estates lawyer can mediate or advocate. They can help resolve disputes through negotiation or, if necessary, represent their clients in court.

Having a legal professional who understands the intricacies of estate law can often lead to more amicable resolutions, preserving family relationships and minimising litigation’s financial and emotional toll.


In Mascot and any other community, the role of a wills and estates lawyer is indispensable when securing one’s future and ensuring one’s wishes are honoured. From creating comprehensive estate plans to navigating the probate process and resolving disputes, these legal professionals provide essential services that safeguard individuals and their families. Take the proactive step of securing your future with the help of a skilled wills and estates lawyer in Mascot.