In the age of binge-watching, there is an endless list of movies of various genres making their way to digital platforms like Netflix. No doubt these platforms are way more affordable than our traditional cinema halls. It becomes harder to decide which movie will be worth our time. This article is gonna be about the best heist movies available on Netflix following a quick review.

We compiled some of the best heist movies on Netflix with the help of an USA Tales article. Here are our picks.

1) Now you see me

‘Now you see me’ is about a bank robbery done by a group of magicians who use trickery and hypnotism to confuse the audience. The finest kind of magic trick has been used to leave the audience in awe. Now you see me is criticized for the open ending thing, but then also the film was successful.

There are other two sequels with the same name and all the parts are available on Netflix. The Indian heist movie Dhoom 3 was assumed to have taken inspiration from Now You See Me.

2) Don 2

Don 2, as the name suggests, is another part of the Don movie, this film is a remake and the retro version of it was done by all-time legend Amitabh Bachchan.

The stories of both films aren’t interlinked but the plot is interesting. Shahrukh Khan is the main lead and the main lead isn’t a hero. Priyanka Chopra is seen performing a lady cop who secretly wants to expose the biggest drug dealer.

This one’s a Bollywood classic from India. Songs of this film are evergreen, and this film has received many acclamations from the critics as well.

3) Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is about the robbery of millions of money from a reputed casino. The whole plot was set up in Las Vegas, and as the name suggests, a group of eleven people were involved in this robbery. The film is about crime and betrayal executed comically.

The other two sequels were made after Ocean’s Eleven huge success in America. The film has a Japanese and Indian adaptation as well.

4) Baadshaho

Baadshaho is an interesting movie that revolves around the life of a tricky woman belonging to a royal family. There are a lot of tricks, plot twists, and character revelations, leaving the audience in awe. The song of this film is also quite popular due to the classical tone.

The film was set in the post-independence era. It is about rejection, deceit, and gold possession, whose only heir is the main lead, Ileana D’cruz. Other than her, it starred Ajay Devgan, Imran Hashmi, and Vidyut Jamval.

5) Army of Thieves

Army of Thieves is about a newly formed group for the purpose of robbery at multiple locations. The story of the army of thieves revolves around the life of Sebastian, a bank employee who turned to the thief. Because it is a recently produced movie, social media has an important role to play.

Army of Thieves is a group of five consisting of two females. In this game of robbery, there is an ongoing love story as well to entertain the audience. All the bubbles of suspense started to burst before reaching the climax. And the story is left open-ended for another beginning.