No matter the circumstances, losing someone you love is shocking and extremely painful. It’s important to remember that people and pets who pass on from this plane of existence don’t disappear entirely. They can feel your pain, and they often find a way to reach out to you. One way that spirits send messages is through animals. If you’ve ever wondered about the deeper meaning of a bird in the house, you already have a sense of this phenomenon. Here are some of the most common animal messengers thought to be deceased loved ones.

Birds (Cardinals and Blue Jays)

Few animals can act as bridges to the spirit world in the way that birds can. Because these animals can fly, they can access a completely different perspective than you. Birds have the unique ability to perceive and communicate across planes of existence.

Cardinals and blue jays are particularly sensitive to spirits and divine energy. If you have a strange and memorable encounter with one of these birds, it could be your loved one trying to get in touch and let you know that they are still present in your life.


While butterflies don’t possess the same presence of mind as birds, their purity and ethereal nature make them ideal vessels for spirits to communicate. Butterfly sightings are seasonal, and these creatures won’t appear in unfavorable climate conditions.

When you do meet a butterfly that has been sent by your deceased loved one, it will probably happen in a place that is meaningful to both of you. Butterfly visitations often occur at special times of day such as sunrise or sunset or when you’re at your loved one’s resting place.


Depending on where you live, you might be privileged enough to see a deer that your loved one sent to contact you. Deer are shy animals, and they are dialed into their surroundings in a way that humans can’t even begin to attempt. With their connection to the natural world, they are excellent conduits for divine energy and spirit messages.

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The fragile and delicate dragonfly can also deliver a message from someone you lost. Dragonflies live on the cusp of existence. Their lives are fleeting but bursting with color and meaning. When one of these humble insects visits you, it could be a sign from the beyond. Your loved one may be tapping into the celestial energy present in the dragonfly to console you during a time of grief.


If you live by the sea, your loved one may reach out to you in the form of a dolphin. These ocean dwellers are highly intelligent, playful, and perceptive.

Dolphins are perfect animal messengers because they explore the ocean’s depths and mysteries. If you’re lucky enough to encounter a dolphin, you will be able to tell if you can feel your loved one moving through the dolphin to connect with you.

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