Getting skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has become a big deal because they offer a lot more than aesthetics now. Skins are finishes and cosmetic items for in-game weapons that can change their appearance to make them look like out of this world. These skins comes in various designs, colors, and patterns, and they can be acquired through several methods within the game. This article features methods to get CS: GO skins.

1.  In-Game Drops

In-game drops are a common way to get weapon skins in Counter-Strike Global Offense. Players can get these skins when playing competitive and casual matches. For this method to work, play more and more matches and increase your chances of getting better skins. These skin drops are random, and there is no way to be sure which skin will drop. These drops are divided into categories, including contraband, classified, gold, silver, and industrial grade, etc. Rare skins will drop less as they are worthy. Skins that you get by playing matches are mostly common, and they aren’t worth that much, but it is still better than having no skins at all.

2.  Weapon Case Openings

There are special cases in Counter-Strike, which are called weapon cases. These cases contain weapons along with skins of various rarities. You can get these cases by playing matches, but opening them requires a special key. This key can be purchased from the in-game store with real money. Skins that you get by opening weapon cases are usually better than skins that you get from the previous method. Skins are awarded on the basis of chances, and you have to open more cases to get better skin. If you are lucky, you may get high-level skin on your first try.

3.  Trading

Given the popularity of skins in Counter-Strike Global Offense, trading has become an important part of the game. Players can now use the built-in trading system to buy and sell csgo skins directly from other players. Sell your old skins and get new skins from the marketplace. Developers have now added more items to this marketplace, including graffiti, keys, and stickers. This is the best method to expand your inventory of skins, but you have to grind a lot.

4.  Purchase Skins

If you don’t want to waste your time on trying weapon cases, you can spend some money and directly purchase skins from marketplaces. The Steam marketplace is an authentic marketplace where you can purchase CS: GO skins. SkinCashier is also a good option where you can sell any extra CS: GO skin for money. You’ll pay for the skin and get it in the game in no time. Explore the listings of skins by other players to find your favorite skin and purchase it. The price of these skins depends on their rarity and condition. If the skin is factory new, the price will be high, while a field-tested skin will be available at a cheap price.